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Alba is a fish-themed demon that Lacie can meet in in the forest near the fairy ring campfire after it has been plugged in using the AC adapter. She works for Wendy as a fish vendor who sells fish in various quantities.


Alba wears a black, slightly exposing swimsuit and a blue blouse with a fish spine hidden under it. Her left eye has a different, inverted color palette to give her an intimidating glare. She has two eels connected to her hair, that, appear to be part of her body, and react similarly to her.


Alba, while not being a hostile character, aggressively asserts what is on her mind. She has somewhat unconventional business practices as she seems to be vehemently opposed to haggling mere moments before striking a deal of her own. She is quick to try and end her shift early, despite being very afraid of what Wendy will do to her if she is upset.


Alba's initial offer is 1 fish for 5 coins, but she proposes another offer to let Lacie buy all of her fish for 10 coins, so she can go home early.

Product Price Description
Fish 5Coin The first thing I purchased from a merchant. I don't think I should eat this.
Fishx99 10Coin The first thing I purchased from a merchant. I don't think I should eat this.

Fairy Ring[]

When Aoi and Lacie escape from the Fairy Ring, Alba is absolutely flabbergasted. She demands to be told what they did to the tree, and is lividly bewildered at the naivete of the two of them for stepping into the fairy ring given the signpost explicitly states not to do so. She becomes even more infuriated when she finds out Aoi fed her fish to the ring.
Alba tells Lacie she smells like a human, and is surprised she didn't notice before. When Aoi explains that the two of them are coworkers who deal with humans sometimes, Alba doesn't believe the lie, and threatens to kill the two of them, but reasons that if it is the truth and Wendy finds out, Alba would be cooked alive. She decides to let it slide, but orders them to get out of the forest. Upon talking to her again, she mutters that Lacie should have rotted in the fairy ring just like her fish.


  • Alba is based on Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) aka the Longfin Tuna.