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Aoi is one of the major characters and the first character to join Lacie in the party. Lacie can encounter them by stepping into the Fairy Ring with Scissors in her inventory. It is likely that Aoi is genderfluid as their pronouns change as frequently as they are mentioned, though it could possibly be that Lacie just keeps changing them as she can't tell what gender they are.



Aoi is a demon that can only be described as "a bundle of stress". Although their occupation is unclear, they work for Wendy where their job involves using a sewing kit. In their spare time, Aoi is prone to causing trouble, gathering assorted keepsakes, and, notably, experiencing bouts of panic. They are still fun loving in the case of their excitement about waiting for the bus, as well as their love of dragons and bug catching. Aoi mentions they aren't afraid of dying but being eaten alive isn't the way to go. They like the way Lacie confidently states that there is always a way when faced with a problem.


Aoi is a blonde haired demon with an orange hoodie, turtleneck and tie. Their body consists of a gelatinous substance akin to goo allowing him to shape it as they please, yet they consistently struggle with forming hands correctly. Under extreme amounts of stress, Aoi begins to melt until they gets time to take a breath and collect themself.


Aoi carries four things in her possession when Lacie meets them. A chocolate bar, which is poisonous, a sewing kit which they stole from work, a cabbage they have no way of chopping open, and a fish that costed their whole allowance and probably tasted nice. If Aoi gets out of the fairy ring, they swear to Lacie that they will always bring scissors wherever they go. Their inventory may also contain an Artist's Inspiration should Lacie choose to give it to them.


Aoi Likes a Dragon

Upon seeing the skeleton of a large creature in the fairy ring, Aoi immediately assumes its a dragon. They think its cool that humans have dragons in their world, and would like dragons where they live as well.

Closet Friend[]

Aoi used to have a friend they would often meet in the supply closet, but then the friend died.

Saving Aoi[]

If the player collects 10 coins before passing through the "point of no return" (The locked site), they can buy 99 fish from Alba. If you open your inventory and select your fish while facing the mirror on the large tree, you will have the option to throw all your fish down it, which you will want to do. Now simply walk into the fairy ring and continue normally until you reach the bathtub cutscene, then you and Aoi will finally be saved!