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Hiro is one of the major characters from the game, Paper Lily. He is Lacie's older brother and supports her whenever she needs it and is even more supportive than their parents.


Hiro is an incredibly supportive and caring brother to his sister, Lacie. He was overjoyed and proud when she decided to leave the house after a long time, even though things didn't go exactly as planned. When he notices her sticking to her ritual routine, he becomes concerned and tries to encourage her to change it, despite her feeling a bit frustrated by his interference. Hiro doesn't seem affected by Lacie's curse like their parents, who are often busy with work and keep their distance from home.


Hiro is a young guy with presumably an average height. He has light skin, blue eyes, and short blonde hair. He wears a white shirt covered with a green sweater that has a bunch of small kitty heads on it in a darker shade of green, has beige pants and brown shoes.

Chapter 1[]

Lacie's Home[]

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As Lacie is about to head straight to her room for a quick nap, the door suddenly opens, revealing her brother, Hiro, catching her off guard. Hiro asked if she had gone out, and Lacie admitted she had ventured out for a short while. This made Hiro incredibly happy because Lacie hadn't left the house in a week. He expressed how proud he was of her and encouraged her to go to the market, back to school, and make new friends. Blushing with embarrassment, Lacie tried to downplay her accomplishment, insisting it hadn't been that long. Hiro disagreed, pointing out that she had been cooped up for quite a while and he suggested they celebrate by going out for ice cream together. However, Lacie confessed she hadn't actually gone out that day and explained how she had messed up her order at the shop and left without getting anything. Hiro assured her that he would help her by ordering for her until she felt confident enough to do it on her own, but Lacie says she needs to fix the root cause of the problem first. Seeing her still following her ritual, Hiro reassures her that he won't interfere with her anymore and offers to be there for her if she needs him. He then gives her a pat on the head before heading downstairs.

Hiro and Lacie sharing a passage from the book about counting magpies.

Later on after Lacie finishes the ritual, she steps outside and sees Hiro sitting on a bench, reading a book. Hiro notices Lacie and jokes that she's a stalker, but she assures him she was just passing by. With a smile, Hiro invites Lacie to join him and shares a passage from the book about counting magpies. He explains that the number of magpies one sees supposedly determines their fate, but there are many interpretations of the rhyme. Hiro asks her how she can accurately predict her fate, but she admits she's not sure she believes in fate. Hiro mentions that it's nice to have something to believe in. Lacie pauses for a moment, jokingly suggesting she believes in chocolate eclairs (or macarons or flan, depending on the player's choice at the beginning of the game). In return, Hiro says he believes in Lacie, expressing his belief in her and her ability to achieve her dreams. Lacie feels hesitant, but promises to try to believe as well. She gathers herself up, while Hiro reassures her that she can always talk to him if she needs to. Lacie blushes and covers her mouth with her red scarf, feeling a bit embarrassed by Hiro's cheesiness but thanking him nonetheless.

Having a chat with Hiro, Lacie curiously asks him about the book he's reading. Hiro casually mentions that it's a collection of legends and nursery rhymes he picked up at the nearby bookstore. Lacie wonders if it's worth reading, and Hiro assures her that it's enjoyable and not too spooky. He shares a legend he came across about a witch's heart being able to grant wishes. Interested, Lacie remarks that there must be a twist to it but Hiro admits he hasn't finished the book yet.

Lacie mentioned that Hiro isn't really into fiction books. Hiro admits he's guilty of that, explaining that he tends to be too impatient for lengthy plots and prefers jumping ahead to see the conclusion. Lacie wonders if that takes away from the enjoyment, to which Hiro explained that while she may enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries before they are revealed, he prefers the satisfaction of straightforward answers, served on a platter with extra cheese rather than solving puzzles along the way.

Hiro then asked Lacie how her ritual was going, to which she replied that it's going fine. Hiro wonders if she's nervous and if she thinks it will work, but Lacie responds with a vague "kind of," citing that even if it does work, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen to her. Hiro then reminded Lacie that their mother left some food in the fridge, suggesting that she shouldn't eat it cold as she always does. Disappointed, Hiro remarked on why she's so small and doesn't get proper nutrition. Lacie clarified that she had already eaten it and that she's not small, but Hiro insisted that she's tiny.

Lacie tells Hiro that she has finished setting up the ritual. Feeling concerned, Hiro asks if there is anything he can do to convince her not to go through with it. Lacie covers her mouth with her red scarf again, showing her distress but Hiro reassures her that he will not stop her, but he is just worried about her. Lacie reassured him that she would be fine and would see him tomorrow. Before leaving, she asked if he wouldn't mind staying out of the house for the night just in case, although she was sure nothing bad would happen. Hiro agreed and said he had plans to be out late anyway. Lacie advised him not to arrive at a house before 12:30, and Hiro promised her to take care of herself and make sure she returned safely. As Lacie set off, she feels a bit sad that she hadn't said a proper goodbye to Hiro and wondered why she had said she would see him tomorrow.


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When Lacie comes back to the Central Forest from chatting with Rune, she looks at herself in a mirror that's part of a big tree, and starts to question her curse. She takes a chance to call Hiro with her cellphone, only to be pleasantly shocked when he picks up.

Alarmed, Hiro offers to come if she's in danger, but Lacie reassures him she's fine. She says she needs a light, but Hiro warns about bugs being attracted to it. Lacie giggles, brushes off the bug concern, and Hiro suggests using the flashlight on her phone. Lacie worries about draining her battery, but Hiro leaves the decision up to her and they say their goodbyes, with Hiro wishing her luck.


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Lacie is in the restroom, feeling uneasy about Sai, who was told to wait outside as she wanted some time away from him. She questions herself if it's really safe to have him around, thinking Hiro would tell her to have faith in others. She contemplates calling Hiro but realizes she has no signal. She remembers it didn't matter last time and decides to try calling him anyway.

Hiro picks up, asking if she's okay, and Lacie whispers that someone is lurking outside, who claims he's not an enemy but has been following her. Hiro playfully suggests he may be a new friend, but Lacie hesitates to trust him. Hiro offers to accompany him, but Lacie questions Sai's intentions and why he's so eager to join her. Hiro tells her it's her decision and she can choose to trust him or not. Lacie agrees to let Sai come along, with Hiro wishing her a safe return home.

If Lacie uses her cellphone as a light source while exploring the Locked Site, she won't be able to call Hiro when she reaches the facility.