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Kat is the titular protagonist from the game, Project Kat. She is a teenage high-school girl who is determined to perform a specific ritual, despite the potential risks. She has joined an Occult Club in order to obtain the instructions for the ritual.


She has a goal-oriented personality that leads her to be reckless and persistent. She can, however, set aside her own desires if the damage would be caused to herself or those around her. Moreover, she is snobby, brash, snarky, and quick-witted, covering the crucial details regarding supernatural beings for three girls, proving she is a know-it-all resident genius of the Occult Club. Despite her irredeemable traits, she acts in a kind manner, such as returning Saki's book and befriending the girls so they can perform the ritual with her. (depending on the player's decision)


Kat is the most fashion-savvy member of the Occult Club. She usually wears a traditional purplish-black school uniform made up of a shirt, skirt, a pair of black pumps, and a red bow tie, but unlike her friends, she is wearing a pair of brownish-purple stockings. In addition to the ponytail, she wears two hair clips on the left side of her head, revealing her forehead indirectly. She has fair skin, light purple eyes, small freckles and short black hair that goes down to her shoulders.