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Kozmo is a demon who appears by the campfire once it gets plugged in. He gives Lacie some basic information about her immediate surroundings, but is confused as to why she doesn't know a lot of it. He lives in the city, and likely took the bus or the train to get to the forest.


Kozmo wears a turquoise shirt and a blue scarf over his small body. His head is a hollow cube-shaped container with a crack running through it.


Kozmo's stutter makes it difficult for him to interact with other people and he takes it personally, If Lacie pressures him about his lack of social skills, he curls up into fetal position until she apologizes. He believes good things come to people who work hard, which fuels his belief in the 9 Moths blessing, of which he has already met 4 moths.

Head Quest[]

If Lacie taps on Kozmo's head, it cracks. Upon repeated tapping, it breaks, and a dark mist leaks out. When this happens, Lacie is tasked with finding a new one. Kozmo tells her that anything hollow will do, though the empty jar and the empty lamp are not valid heads. If the 5 minute timer expires, it all escapes, and something bad happens.

Artistic Pot[]

If the new head is the artistic pot, Kozmo figures it could be worse. The Artistic Pot is found in the artists house, AKA Kett.

Strange Sculpture[]

If the new head is the strange sculpture, Kozmo is amazed by the new head. The strange sculpture is found in Red's treehouse.

Kett's Head[]

There are sprites in the game of Kozmo donning Kett's head, but they remain unused