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Lacie is the protagonist from the game, Paper Lily. She's a gloomy and insecure girl who doesn't talk much and does not often get involved actively with other people. After suffering a horrible string of bad luck, she performs a ritual with a mysterious golden letter to transport herself to another world where she sets out on a mission to find a cure for her unknown condition.


Lacie is a gloomy, pessimistic, and withdrawn girl as a result of the bullying she endured at school. She is constantly plagued by misfortune and often insulted by those around her, with the exception of her supportive brother, Hiro.

Due to this, she suffers with a deep sense of self-doubt, as she appears emotionless, wearing a blank expression and speaking with little enthusiasm. Her isolation is evident as she rarely leaves her own home, avoiding interactions with others, but her visit to the cafeteria at the beginning of the game marks her first outing in a long time. Lacie also internalizes blame for her circumstances and sees performing a ritual as a way to escape from her comfort zone, as she believes that life would be better without the people around her.

However, her perception changed when Rune explained that her curse was actually the root of her struggles and that she needed to reach a lighthouse where a person named Red could help lift the curse. Determined, Lacie demonstrates her ability to grow and mature by forming relationships with those she encounters. Their openness to new information and ability to adapt to new situations greatly help Lacie navigate challenges. While she is skilled in analyzing situations and problem-solving, she still sometimes struggles with fully embracing her own charisma and confidence.

When she meets Sai, she initially did not trust him as she found his behavior towards her different from others and wondered if he was being deliberately indifferent to her curse. She ignored him when he asked personal questions, but as he helped her through some obstacles, she began to trust him more. Eventually, she felt comfortable enough to share her name and open up about her journey and history with Sai, revealing that she used to be sociable and outgoing before a curse afflicted her, causing everyone, even the animals, to treat her poorly, making her isolate herself.

Upon stumbling upon a door and encountering a vase of white lily in a garden, Lacie began to consider Sais' advice about prioritizing self-growth over rushing to check off everything on her bucket list before dying. This led her to understand the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and even shared her heartfelt gratitude for his support whenever she needed it.


Lacie is a young girl with a short height. She has light skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair that reaches her waist. She wears a red scarf, black bow and a white jacket with yellow-ish sleeves and pockets, under which she wears a black school uniform with a red tie. Her age is unknown.[1]

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  • Lacie also makes an appearance in Tamaghost Jump, another game made by Leef 6010.
  • Lacie's design has been slightly altered from the original version. Previously, she had a black and white forehead bow with a blue rhinestone-like crystal. Her jacket was pinkish with dark pink sleeves and pockets, a red bow on her school uniform and her boots were pink and brown with a pink bow.
  • The developers have mentioned that Lacie was inspired by the character Alice from Alice in Wonderland.