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Milion is a side character that the player character can encounter in chapter 1 of Paper Lily. He appears in the forest alongside Kozmo and Alba when the campfire is plugged in using the AC adapter.


Milion is a Moth with dark blue hair and yellow eyes. He wears a mustard buttoned shirt under his black trench coat. Contrary to popular belief, he is actually a man. He appears to be too big to capture with the bug net.


Milion is a realist, not a pessimist. He doesn't put faith in superstitious folklore like the 9 Moth's blessing, and considers Lacie's assumption that he was a butterfly mildly offensive, though his calm temperament leads him to simply ignore further discussion on such nonsense. He is suspicious of Lacie's lack of knowledge of her surroundings, and can seemingly smell the human on her, similarly to Alba. He does take an interest in certain events involving a secret in the forest, however. He also asks if Lacie is giving him a gift when she presents a candle, and is disappointed by his assumption being incorrect.