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Chapter 1 is an entry to Paper Lily developed and published by Leef 6010. The Demo version released on on January 31st[1] of 2023. The 1.1 version was released on Steam and on January 26th of 2024.


The chapter follows Lacie, a young girl who is constantly rejected and mistreated by those around her, leading to a series of unfortunate events in her life. Seeking answers, she embarks on a journey guided by a mysterious golden letter, which leads her to a parallel world inhabited by demons. In this world, she befriends kindhearted demons like Rune, who reveal that her curse is the reason behind all her struggles, and that she must reach a lighthouse where a person named Red can help lift the curse. However, she takes a wrong turn and ends up meeting a peculiar human named Sai, and stumbles upon a group of demons conducting disturbing experiments.


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True Ending 1-1 - Against All Odds[]

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After defeating Miss Knives, Lacie and Sai return to the facility. Lacie is passed out while Sai is leaning against the wall. When Lacie wakes up and realizes she was only out for 14 minutes, she scolds Sai for watching her sleep but Sai clarifies by saying he checked out the room first and then points out a door nearby. Sai compliments her skill at dodging knives, teasingly asking if she's secretly a demon in disguise. Lacie feels disheartened that she hasn't found Red or the lighthouse yet, but Sai reminds her that she's still alive and there's still time. Lacie reluctantly agrees and they continue on their journey.

They stumble upon Miss Knives trapped in a cage, but she looks completely different from before. Lacie wonders if this is Miss Knives' true appearance, while Sai jokingly compares her to a used napkin. Feeling empathetic towards Miss Knives, Lacie clarifies that she is not Lilith and hopes she doesn't suffer because of her. Unfortunately, Miss Knives remains silent. Lacie understands and decides to open the cage, noticing her scattered belongings. Sai questions how long she has been imprisoned, but Lacie is unsure. Before they depart, Lacie apologizes to Miss Knives for disturbing her.

After discovering the 2nd cell, they found out Spider was inside, and it was much bigger than before. Spider praises them and was happy to be back in that place. Sai mentioned Spider was locked up, but Spider didn't mind and found entertainment in their cell neighbor. When Lacie asks about Miss Knives, Spider confirms that although she has seen better days, she'll recover and weave her web once again. Spider revealed that Miss Knives gets visitors, and one of them is an interesting one named Red. Lacie is curious but Spider advices her not to get too excited as Red won't be coming back soon. Before parting ways, Spider gives Lacie three fragment doorknobs, suggesting they may be useful in her search for the lighthouse.

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As they finally find the cursed door, they realize there is no doorknob. Lacie comments on how common these cursed doors seem to be, while Sai vents about feeling stuck with no way back. Lacie recognizes they have no choice but to use the return doorknob to open the door. Inside, they come across a garden with a solitary door in the center, where Lacie must place a paper lily in a vase. Just as Lacie is about to continue, Sai brings up her bucket list and proposes creating a new one centered around things to do once she is cured. Sai even suggests starting with treating him to her favorite dessert, providing Lacie with something to anticipate. Lacie is unsure how to react, but Sai assures her she doesn't need to say anything and that it would be a shame if she gave up. Despite facing challenges earlier, Sai believes it's essential to focus on the positive and keep moving ahead.

Lacie agrees and replaces the real lily for a paper one to unlock the door. She decides to bring the real lily along as well. Sai notices how calm Lacie is in this strange situation and she explains that she sees it as just another part of the puzzle. She wonders if she'll see him on the other side, and Sai assures her that she will. Lacie walks through the door, while Sai takes out the paper lily and closes the door to the real world, heading back through the cursed door.

Dead End 1-2 - Salt is for Cooking[]

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After Lacie wakes up from her dream, she decides to call the number she was given, but the bus she was waiting for never shows up. She starts to wonder if she missed the bus or if it never came at all, making her doubt the effectiveness of the ritual she performed. Regardless, she concludes that the ritual didn't work and she needs to clean up, as leaving things unfinished can have serious consequences. She remembers that she left instructions to reverse the ritual on her PC. As she walks into her house, she notices more footprints and sees a message scribbled on the door. It says she spends too much time hiding from the world and questions if she's ever stopped hiding. When Lacie goes to her room, she tries to use her computer but realizes the internet is not working. Luckily, she still manages to come across the post she saved in the form of a PDF file.

The post discusses about a ritual called the bus ritual and advises that there are no instructions provided if something goes wrong or if the bus doesn't come. One user warns about the serious consequences of leaving a ritual incomplete and asks for safety precautions. Another user, with some experience in banishing spirits from their family's work at a shrine, details the steps of the ritual: untying the red string from the phone and spreading salt in front of any indoor entrance to their home. And so, Lacie sets off to undo the ritual but gets scared when she sees the creature in the mirror before disappearing. She unties the red string and puts salt on all exit doors before going to bed. However, Lacie hears noises and suddenly, Hiro appears at the foot of her bed, transforms into a demon form, and kills her.

Dead End 1-3 - A Walk in the Dark[]

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After performing the ritual, Lacie falls asleep while on the bus and finds herself having that same dream from before while in bed. Yet this time, she spots some unfamiliar stairs leading into darkness. Unsure of where they will take her, but feeling the need to wake up before she gets too far, she takes a chance and decides to venture down the stairs anyways.

As she walks through the darkness, Lacie remembers being in this dream situation many times before. She stays calm, knowing that eventually she will wake up. However, not being able to keep track of time, she starts to worry about finding her way back but hopes that something in the real world will wake her up. As time passes, she notices she no longer feels hungry, thirsty, or tired. The sensory deprivation starts to affect her, making everything feel meaningless. Lacie confesses that she can't handle it anymore and desperately wants to wake up. She tries to pinch herself, but can't feel any pain, fearing she may be losing her sanity as she can't hear any sounds, see any colors, or smell anything. Lacie finally cries out for help, saying she'd rather die than stay in this place any longer. As she screams, the world around her turns red.

With that, she finds herself back at the starting point, only to find her bed, the stairs, and the path to her dream missing. Strangely, the white door that was once closed is now open, glowing with a bright light. Lacie decides to walk through the door, and just as she steps through, the screen abruptly fades to black.

Dead End 1-4 - Carried Away[]

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Lacie decides to go against the advice she read on online forums and stays on the bus even after reaching the end of the line. She ends up falling asleep and wakes up in what looks like a bus station. The place is filled with peculiar street signs on the walls and the garage door is locked. Lacie also sees a bus on top of another bus, along with some trash cans and wooden crates nearby. She goes upstairs and comes across a white door on the left. Inside, she finds a large fridge filled with stacked severed arms of different sizes, both left and right.

Feeling scared, she leaves the room and heads back upstairs where she sees a bright light coming from under a door, assuming it's an exit. But before she can enter, she bumps into two weird creatures, the "One-eyed monster" and the "Long-faced monster". The "One-eyed monster" suggests knocking her out, but the "Long-face monster" does it so hard that she gets seriously injured. The "One-eyed monster" scolds the "Long-face monster" for hurting her, saying there's now a hole in her. Lacie has to choose whether to scream or stay quiet, but it doesn't really affect the ending. The "One-eyed monster" mentions that if Lacie dies before extraction, their boss will be upset and might even kill them. Lacie closes her eyes and the screen goes black.

Later, the Doctor (Voice 3) questions why Lacie is bleeding, and the "One-eyed monster" apologizes and shifts the blame to the bus driver, saying they don't want Lacie to escape. However, The Doctor interrupts their excuses, reminding them that there have been very few subjects lately and the need to refrain from snacking on them. The Doctor threaten to report the situation to Glen, leaving the monsters visibly scared. The Doctor sarcastically questions if they believe it's okay to harm Lacie just because she's young, stressing the importance of not interfering with her. Lacie hears their conversation and slowly opens her eyes, realizing she's tied up in a strange doctor's office. Feeling her breathing, the Doctor asks the "One-eyed monster" to hand over the tools to extract her, killing her.

Dead End 1-5 - Become Snack[]

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After fixing some signs, Lacie finds herself at a train station where she stumbles upon a vending machine. With a coin in hand, she decides to purchase a bag of chips. Despite not feeling hungry, Lacie opts to eat the chips to keep her energy up. But to her surprise, the ingredients on the chip packet made no sense and there was a warning about possible side effects like sleepiness, hallucinations, and headaches. Feeling alarmed, Lacie looked for a safe place but ended up collapsing in the middle of a dirt road.

As she loses consciousness, she experiences a peaceful sleep, which is a rare occurrence for her as she usually has nightmares in dark places filled with bad memories. Suddenly, she hears crunching noises and realizes she cannot move. Waking up, she witnesses a creature eating her. She questions whether it's a hallucination, but the pain is actually real. As she struggles to breathe and move, she pleads for help and wishes to go back to sleep to escape the agony. The creature stares directly at the camera before everything fades to black.

Dead End 1-6 - Ground Swallow Me Up[]

Lacie comes across a fairy ring with a warning sign. She (accidentally) steps in the fairy ring. If she has the scissors from the train station she will break free from the plant she is in (and can rescue Aoi). She tries to find her way out of here but it's proven pointless and she eventually dies in there. If Lacie doesn't have the scissors she can't break free from the Venus Fly Trap and she is eaten alive.

Thie Dead End can be avoided by doing a series of extra actions before entering the Fairy Ring.

Dead End 1-7 - Mortal Immortalized[]

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Lacie arrives at the sculptor's house and finds the sculptor staring at a list. The sculptor spots Lacie and begins to chase after her. Lacie dashes towards the west, but finds herself trapped in a dead end surrounded by flowers. Unable to escape, the scene fades to black.

In the next scene, Lacie has been turned into a statue, joining the sculptor's collection. The sculptor admires the statue, marveling at its perfection and timelessness, and wonders if it's time to open the gallery.

Dead End 1-8 - Part of Your World[]

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Lacie heads to the lake, but is stopped by a sea monster blocking her way to the boat. She wants to splash the monster with water, but the faucet at the lake hut isn't working. Inside, she ignores instructions to feed the goldfish and instead takes it to try and feed the monster.

Then, the ground shakes and the water turns to blood, with all the rabbits dead. The boat is gone, and the paths are blocked. Lacie spots a new white rabbit and approaches it, only for a giant hand to emerge from the water and grab her. The hand opens to reveal the fish unharmed, but Lacie and the rabbit are gone. The hand returns the fish to its bowl, and everything goes back to normal. Can also be interpreted as the hand turning Lacie into a replacement goldfish shrine keeper.

Dead End 1-9 - Doubt[]

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While exploring the facility, Lacie decides to return to the prison room where she originated. Before stepping inside, Sai warns her that he will wait outside because the door only opens from the outside. However, once she's in the room, Lacie considers escaping through the vent, leaving Sai behind, as a way to potentially get rid of him.

She reunites with Rune and asked him what he knew about Sai. However, Rune admits he doesn't know much about Sai as he keeps to himself and doesn't share much. Although Lacie questions if Sai is a demon, Rune denies it but mentions that there is something unusual about him, even though he appears human. She goes to the bathroom, where she talks with Hiro over the phone. Not talking with Hiro before going back to where Sai is leads to the Dead End not happening.

Deciding to look for Sai, Lacie is shocked to find him already dead and torn apart. Feeling scared and baffled, she questions how this could have happened and hesitates to accept that it's really Sai. Rather than facing the consequences of leaving Sai behind, Lacie chooses to flee the facility, realizing how dangerous it is. As she's about to leave, she sees something shiny near the gate, but before she can pick it up, a creature drags her into the dark floor and kills her.

Dead End 1-10 - Sensory Overload[]

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Lacie and Sai stumble upon an electrical panel and manage to put fuse No. 5 in the right spot. This opens a large door that was previously locked. To their surprise, they find themselves in a conference room. Sai gets curious and starts imagining all sorts of wild scenarios about the room's purpose, jokingly suggesting it could be the headquarters for a world domination plot or a portal to some mysterious dimension. Lacie, however, interrupts Sai's speculations, irritated by her persistent headache.

As they looked around, they spotted a coat hanging on a chair with a note labeled "MEETING 221 NOTES". The note mentioned that the group in the conference room was getting fed up with Lilith and considering removing her. Lacie then decides to wear the coat despite it being too big, finding it comfy. And just when she's about to learn about who wore the coat before her, she faints in Sai's arms and starts having intense visions. Turns out, these visions seem to be flashbacks from Lilith's past, showing how her colleagues used violence to get rid of her, leading to her losing a hand. And after some time, Sai tries to wake Lacie up, but sadly, it's too late.

Dead End 1-11 - Deep Sea Misadventure[]

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Lacie and Sai successfully fixes the elevator and drains the water in the facility's lower level. They decide to go even deeper to the B4F level, but the elevator stops with a splash. Lacie tries to go back up, but the buttons don't work and the elevator is filling with water. Lacie reassures Sai that there should be an emergency exit, but they both realize they are unsure of what to do.

A few minutes later, Lacie suggests that there might be an exit on the ceiling and they can wait for the water to fill up the elevator, allowing them to float up and open it. However, despite Sai's attempts to remove the ceiling panels, they remain stuck. When Sai asks what to do next., Lacie is silent, overwhelmed by the fear of drowning. The screen goes black, and Lacie chooses to forget the events that followed, declaring drowning as the worst way to die.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 16.02.37

Dead End 1-12 - What's At Stake[]

Lacie manages to gather all the items needed to defeat Miss Knives, but unfortunately, she unknowingly burns them in the wrong order. This causes everything to fall apart, with doors vanishing and paintings opening its eyes. The ground starts to crumble beneath them, leading Lacie and Sai to fall into what appears to be Miss Knives' dimension.

They both survived the fall, although Lacie had injured her foot and Sai was bleeding out. Sai asks for a moment to recover and tells Lacie to continue without him. Lacie agrees, but Sai insists she return later. Despite her concerns, Sai reassures Lacie that he will be fine. As Lacie tries to find a way out, she encountered Miss Knives, who was standing next to someone tied to a stake with knives. She whispers menacingly that she's returned and sings hauntingly. She then turned to Lacie, uttered "burning," and stabbed her before tying her to the stake.

Dead End 1-13 - Stuffed Animal[]

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Lacie and Sai, having just defeated Miss Knives, decide to head back to the facility. To their surprise, they stumble upon some dead primal demons. In the middle of the crosspaths, they spot a stuffed animal that looks like a bunny. Sai approaches the bunny, calling it an abomination and pointing out its lack of legs and mismatched appearance. Just as Lacie is about to warn Sai to keep his distance, the bunny's head suddenly grows larger and devours them both.

Later on, an unknown person discovers the bunny and asks if it's finished cleaning. They notice something in its mouth and tell the bunny to spit it out. The bunny refuses initially, but reluctantly complies and spits out the bodies of Lacie and Sai, much to their annoyance. They scold the bunny for the mess and refuse to eat whatever it had in its mouth, offering it back to the bunny. However, they urge the bunny to hurry up or they'll leave without it. The scene ends with the person swearing and feeling creeped out by the surroundings.


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