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Red is a demon of great renown that is hinted at but never shown throughout Paper Lily Chapter 1. He possesses a great deal of knowledge about curses, and cures all sorts of ailments for a hefty price. He likely knows how to cure the curse affecting Lacie.


Although he is not shown in chapter 1, he is described by The Prisoner as a smug ***hole. Milion notes that he won't do anything for free.

Tree House[]

Red owns a tree house on the lake in the forest, protected by a winding dock riddled with spike traps. Rune can be found outside the front door. According to Rune, Red hasn't been here in some time. Upon asking Rune why the tree house is not in a tree, he explains that it is because the house is made of tree.


Inside the tree house, Lacie can find instructions on how to cure a stone curse as well as two of the three materials required to make the potion and alchemical supplies that can be used to craft it. Unrelated to the stone curse requirements, Red also seems to have a fascination with blue butterflies, due to his numerous frames containing them. Other items of note include a doll with both eyes colored in, a plant that looks like a bow, and a furnace containing a... thing.


Red's basement contains a locked cage with The Prisoner inside of it, and a secret door behind a mirror. The Prisoner was locked here due to his irritant behaviour and ability to survive placing curses. The cage is hinted to be very difficult to destroy or unlock.

The lighthouse[]

Rune mentions that there's a lighthouse north of the big tree, through the locked site, and right past the lake, that Red visits a lot. It is quite a long walk from the forest, and Lacie does not make it there at the end of chapter 1.