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Rune is one of the major characters from the game, Paper Lily. He helps guide Lacie to the lighthouse and can provide useful items to the player in exchange for runes that are collectible throughout the game. He provides useful information in a way that is often correct by technicality. He is also possibly tone deaf as his singing is off-key.


Rune wears a pink hooded cloak with eye patterns on the cape and yellow fronds sprouting near the horns in his hood. He has a beige scarf and a face mask made of bandages as well as two white glowing eyes.


Rune is a wealth of knowledge about the history of Demons, and the fact that he may have lived long enough to have forgotten his old name suggests he is rather long lived. He doesn't seem to like talking about future plans, as he doesn't explain what he plans to do with runes aside from liking them, and calls Lacie silly for asking about where he's going after spending more time in the facility.

Not like other Demons[]

Rune commends Lacie for her skepticism of him. He informs her that most other demons will kill her instantly if they find out she's a human. He also lets her know that the demon in the Locked Site will only kill her if it sees or hears her. Unlike other demons, he remains civil as a result of being well-fed. He possesses an extraordinary sense of smell, able to smell humans from quite far away.


He can be found in Red's treehouse after surviving the spike traps along the dock and in the centre of the Facility.

Connection to Sai[]

Sai has helped Rune out in the past by doing rituals in his spare time for him, though their interactions are often brief and impersonal as Sai does not provide him with runes.


Image Name Location Description
Bug Net
Bug Net Forest A bug net that can be used to catch fireflies and put them in an empty container
Bolt Cutter
Bolt Cutter Forest A bolt cutter that can be used to cut through multiple areas of the fence around the locked site as well as the lock on the trapdoor to Red's basement
Facility Map
Facility Map Facility A map of the facility
Screwdriver Facility A screwdriver that can be used to undo vent covers.

Chapter 1[]

Lacie meets Rune for the first time.


Rune makes his first appearance when Lacie arrives at the bridge leading to Red's treehouse. Excitedly, Rune mentions that it has been a while since anyone last visited and hopes Lacie can make it across safely. Suddenly, Lacie encounters some spikes that she must dodge. While she cross through the obstacle, Rune cheers her on, reminding her to be careful and avoid getting hurt by the incoming spikes.

Once Lacie successfully passes the spike puzzle and reaches the treehouse, Rune congratulates her, commending her dodging skills. Lacie expresses her surprise at Rune being so talkative, and he playfully asks if talking is an important way to communicate. Lacie hesitates before admitting that she does talk as well. Curious about Rune's being, Lacie asks him what exactly he is, to which he introduces himself as Rune and expresses his love for runes. He then asks if Lacie does have any runes, giving the player two options to answer. When Lacie admits she doesn't have any runes, Rune becomes a bit suspicious, wondering if she's lying. Lacie assures him she is not, but Rune comments on how humans can be quite peculiar and suggests that if she does have any runes, he would encourage her to bring them to him in exchange for trinkets. Intrigued, Lacie then wonders if Rune is some sort of friendly spirit, but Rune clarifies that they've been called many names in the past, with humans often referring to them as "demons". When Rune asks for Lacie's name and she tells him, he is impressed, mentioning that it's rare to see a human in their realm. Curious, Rune asks Lacie if she is human, and she confirms it. Rune then muses that Lacie only seems "a little bit" human, hinting that there may be subtle differences between her and a true human. Lacie asks what Rune means, and he hints that she has a scent of something not quite so good. He explains that it's taboo to discuss it but Lacie pleads for help and reveals that she performed a ritual to uncover what's wrong with her. She mentioned that she's been feeling a bit off lately and wants to figure out how to fix it. Lacie thought she might be possessed for a moment, but Rune reassured her that possessions are outdated ideas. Lacie asked what else it could be, and Rune mentioned that it could be a curse, much to her surprise. Rune explained that 99% of illnesses here are curses, leaving Lacie puzzled about the remaining 1%. When Lacie asked how she could lift the curse, Rune suggested seeking out Red, who is known for lifting curses. Curious on how to find Red, Lacie discovered that Red's treehouse nearby is where she can find him. Lacie thanked Rune before heading off to investigate Red's treehouse.

After exploring the treehouse, Lacie finds out that Red wasn't there and heads outside to talk to Rune again. She mentions to Rune that she couldn't find Red in the house, and Rune informs her that Red hasn't been there for a while. Lacie wonders why Rune didn't tell her earlier, to which he responds that she didn't ask, leaving Lacie frustrated. She then asks if Rune knows where else she could find Red, and Rune says that there's a lighthouse to the north where Red often visits. Rune explains that to reach the lighthouse, Lacie will need to head north, but it's a long walk past the lake. To get there quickly, Rune suggests going through the locked gate near the big tree. However, he warns Lacie that it can be a bit dangerous in that area and suggests bringing a light since it gets pretty dark. Lacie thanked Rune once again and joked that she expected "demons" like Rune to be more hostile. Rune agreed it was a fair expectation to have. He reminded Lacie that if anyone discovers she's human, they would kill her. Rune then cheerfully wished Lacie well as she set off on her journey.

You can interact with Rune again and ask up to five questions:[]

  • Why aren't you hostile?: Lacie wonders why Rune isn't as aggressive as other demons, and Rune nonchalantly explains that he's just well-fed, leaving Lacie feeling puzzled.
  • Why do you collect runes?: Lacie asks Rune why he collects runes. Rune simply replies that he really enjoys them. Lacie then questions what he does with the runes, to which Rune says he just likes having them. Lacie playfully asks if that's why his name is Rune, to which Rune responds that he might have had a different name before, but he can't remember.
  • Red's treehouse?: Lacie wonders why Rune refers to this place as "Red's treehouse" when it's not actually in a tree. To that, Rune explains that the house is made of tree. Lacie asks if he means wood, and Rune looks dumbfounded before commenting that Lacie is quite quirky.
  • What will I find at the lighthouse?: Lacie wonders if she'll find Red at the lighthouse. Rune thinks it's possible since Red likes to visit there often. Lacie then asks what if Red isn't there. Rune assures her that the lighthouse owner is a friend of Red's and will know how to help her. He also jokes that the owner won't eat her, so she shouldn't worry. Still, Lacie can't help but feel a little anxious about the situation.
  • What is inside the locked site?: Lacie is curious about what's in the locked site behind the fence. Rune tells her that there's just a monster, which scares Lacie. But Rune reassures her that it's okay because he won't bother her unless he sees or hears her. He explains that the area is very dark and advises Lacie to bring a light with her. If she hears him approaching, she should hide, Rune suggests. Lacie expresses concern that it doesn't sound safe and wonders if it's really the only way to the lighthouse. Rune replies that it's the only way he knows of.

Lacie questions Rune about how he crossed the bridge without getting impaled by spikes, to which Rune casually responds that he just walked and must have missed them. When Lacie asks if he lives there, Rune explains that he doesn't and that he moves around frequently. He then reveals that he came to Red's treehouse in search of more runes. As they finish their conversation, Rune starts humming, but his tune sounds very off-key.

You can hand over two runes to Rune, and then he can exchange the 1st rune for a bug net and the 2nd one for bolt cutters.


Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 19.31.56

When Lacie and Sai arrived at the center of the Facility, they encountered Rune, who was surprised to see them. Lacie quickly hushed him, explaining that she didn't just give her name to anyone. Sai becomes jealous, wondering why Lacie told her name to Rune but not to him. Lacie explains that she is cautious because she read about a curse that can kill someone just by knowing their name. Sai mentions the salt incident, teasing Lacie. Rune greeted Sai, leaving Lacie to wonder if he knew Sai well. Rune mentioned their interactions were typically brief because Sai didn't provide him with runes. Sai felt embarrassed and moved to the right, insisting that those things weren't just lying around, even though Lacie knew there were actually quite a few around.

Lacie wonders how Rune ended up here, and he casually mentions that he just walked. Lacie mentioned that she was still trying to find the lighthouse, surprising Rune. He explained that they must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, as the lighthouse wasn't in that direction and unfortunately, there was no way back outside. Concerned, Sai asked if they were stuck, to which Rune replied that it was possible, mentioning that some doorknobs only worked one way. Lacie asked if Rune had any idea how she could get to the lighthouse from where they were. Rune explained that the only way forward was to go deeper down, pointing out the path. When Sai mentioned that it looked like a dead end because of the water, Rune agreed, saying that death was always a possibility but mentioning a cursed door that might lead somewhere if they were lucky. This reminded Lacie of a forum post she had read about cursed doors, and she needed a paper lily to place in a vase in order to go back home.

You can interact with Rune again and ask up to three questions:[]

  • What is this place?: Lacie asks what this place is, and Rune admits he doesn't know since no one has been here for hundreds of years.
  • What do I do about the primals?: Lacie says that there's some shadow demons lurking around here. Rune calls them primals and suggests she keep her distance from them.
  • How do you know Sai?: Lacie asked Rune and Sai if they had bumped into each other a few times. Sai mentions he went through a lot of rituals, leaving Lacie to wonder how he managed to make it out alive. Sai jokes that she looks almost let down by his survival.

Just like last time, you can give two runes to Rune, and then he can exchange the 1st rune for a map and the 2nd one for a screwdriver. If you happen to still have 4 runes, make sure to give all of them to Rune and he'll give you 2 coins after the screwdriver.

If you decide to drain the water, operate the elevator, or remove the blue 25 fuse marked with a door symbol from the electrical panel (which unlocks the cells in the dungeon room where Sai mentioned the Primal Demons are located), Rune will depart the facility.