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Sai is the deuteragonist from the game, Paper Lily, and the second character in the party to join Lacie after Aoi. Despite his role in the story, not much is known about him throughout the 1st chapter, although his actions and personality speak volumes about his character.


Sai is a mysterious, but optimistic and helpful man who has been assisting Lacie since they first met. However, Lacie does not get along with Sai at first, remaining suspicious of him and tending to ignore his attempts at personal conversation. Annoyed by this, Sai teases Lacie, throwing in jokes just to get a rise out of her and show off his playful side. Despite their differences though, Sai continues to help her in many ways, such as retrieving items, overcoming obstacles and coming up with ideas, proving that he may not be as dangerous as Lacie initially thought.

Although Sai is more talkative than Lacie, he shows much more of a dimwitted side, as he believes that using a bucket to lower the water levels is the only way to navigate the facility. Regardless of the situation, Sai is always quick to interject with humorous comments, adding levity to their spooky journey.

Unlike Lacie, Sai has an optimistic outlook on life, encourages her to focus on self-improvement rather than concentrating on achieving everything before dying, suggesting that it is important to keep moving forward and focus on the positive. He even prioritizes Lacie's safety, even if it means risking his own life, showing genuine concern and care.

It is revealed that Sai has performed rituals many times in his spare time and has connections with Rune, having helped him in the past. However, their interactions are brief and impersonal because Sai does not provide Rune with runes. Rune admits to Lacie that Sai doesn't talk about himself, and Rune suspects there is something different about him, possibly being either human or a demon. When Lacie shares her backstory, revealing that her curse has subjected her to ridicule from people, Sai appears unaffected by Lacie's curse, much to her confusion.


Sai is a young man with a tall, slender build, significantly taller than Lacie. He has tan skin, black hair with a few streaks, and yellow eyes. He is dressed in a red coat, underneath which he wears a dark brown shirt featuring a symbol resembling monster-like teeth. He pairs it with black pants, a dark brown belt, and pale brown sneakers. His age is unknown.

Chapter 1[]

Sai meets Lacie for the 1st time


As Lacie crawled out of the vent and found herself in the facility's hallways, a shadowy figure approached her, making her freak out and throw salt at the figure, only to discover that it was actually Sai. After an awkward pause, Sai asked why she threw salt at him, to which Lacie explained that she thought he was a demon, but Sai joked that salt wouldn't stop him anyway. Lacie sheepishly admitted she didn't have any holy salt, causing Sai to burst out laughing and reassured her that salt had no supernatural powers, despite what she had read somewhere. Introducing himself, Sai offered a handshake, but Lacie stood up, not responding. Wanting to break the silence since Lacie wasn't very talkative, Sai tried to engage her in conversation. However, Lacie decided to leave, but Sai pointed out that she was heading in the wrong direction. As they tried to figure out where to go, a loud roar echoed through the halls, causing Sai and Lacie to quickly follow her escape route.

They ended up in an abandoned operating room, where Sai quickly locked the door to ensure the monster was gone. Looking around, Sai remarked that the room was even worse than staying in the hallway. After exploring, Lacie asked what it was, and Sai explained that they call it a primal demon. He joked that if she thinks all the lively creatures they've encountered are "demons," then the shadowy ones must be "primal demons." Curious, Lacie asked what else he knew about them. Sai responded that he didn't know much about them, but he did know that they would kill anything in their path and, unlike other demons, which are more likely to target humans specifically. He then mentioned that the demon might have left, so it might be safe to leave the room.

Lacie decides to escape the facility, but then notices Sai following her. When she asked him about it, he happily pointed out that they'd be stronger as a team, teasing that he wouldn't slow her down unless he was actually dead. He reassured her that she could ignore him if she wanted to. Despite this, they both agree to team up and continue their adventure.

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As they walk out of the hallways, they reach the center of the Facility and unexpectedly run into the demon Rune. He tries to call out to Lacie, but she quickly shushes him, stating she doesn't give her name to strangers. Sai, feeling envious, remarks that Lacie shared her name with Rune but not with him. Lacie fires back, calling Sai suspicious. When Sai asks what he would do with her name, Lacie mentions a story she heard where someone could kill people just by knowing their name. Sai teases her, suggesting she must have read that story next to the section about salt. Rune greeted Sai, which got Lacie wondering if they were pals, but Rune mentioned how their chats always seemed short because Sai never shared any runes with him. Sai felt embarrassed, saying that runes weren't just laying around, while Lacie knew there were plenty scattered around.

Lacie then revealed that she was still searching for the lighthouse, which surprised Rune, informing that she had likely taken a wrong turn since the lighthouse wasn't in that direction, and unfortunately, there was no way back out. Concerned, Sai asked if they were trapped, to which Rune replied that it was a possibility, noting that some doorknobs were one-way only. Lacie then asked Rune for directions to the lighthouse, and he explained that they needed to go further down, indicating the path. When Sai pointed out the water blocking their way, Rune agreed that it seemed like a dead end but mentioned a cursed door that might lead somewhere if they were lucky. This reminded Lacie of a forum post she had read about cursed doors, and she mentioned needing a paper lily to place in a vase to find their way back home. Sai interrupted Lacie's thoughts before they continued exploring the facility. WIP

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Trivia []

  • Upon completing Chapter 1 and saving, Sai is the only one that appears on the save file, heavily implying that he will be the main character in Chapter 2.